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Welcome to "Guided Yoga Meditations."   We are pleased to offer this site to all who are interested in meditation in all its forms.  As people who love meditation and yoga, we have seen the numerous benefits of both and we thrive on sharing this information with others.  Whether you are a yoga instructor, an experienced meditator, or brand new to meditation, we know you will find something of benefit on this site.  Enjoy browsing and always remember to take a deep breath of life!

Meditation has been a spiritual and healing practice in some parts of the world for more than 5,000 years. The word “meditation” is derived from the Latin “meditari”, which means “to engage in contemplation or reflection.”

Historically, religious or spiritual aims were intrinsic to any form of meditation. These traditional practices held some type of spiritual growth, enlightenment, personal transformation, or transcendental experience as their ultimate goal.

During the last 40 years, the practice of meditation has become increasingly popular and has been adapted to the specific interests and orientation of Western culture as a complementary therapeutic strategy for a variety of healthrelated problems. Both secular forms of meditation and forms rooted in religious and spiritual systems have increasingly attracted the interest of clinicians, researchers, and the general public, and have gained acceptance as important mind-body interventions within integrative medicine.

With an estimated 10 million practitioners in the United States and hundreds of millions of practitioners worldwide, meditation was the first mind-body intervention to be widely adopted by mainstream healthcare providers and incorporated into a variety of therapeutic programs in hospitals and clinics in the United States and abroad.

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